Every business has a unique story.

We look forward to hearing yours. Until then, here’s ours.

Meet Jon.

The man behind the logos.

An undeniable expert in the ecommerce space, but not your typical brainiac behind a computer screen. Jon Ellis enjoys what he does mostly because of the relationships he makes. Jon and the team love to work with the creative and caring characters of small business USA. Entrepreneur and midwestern family man, eSource combines his dedication to personal values with a knack for knowing product value.

A bit of family history.

Like most modern success stories, this one begins in a basement.

Jon Ellis and his family moved into a new home with old roots. Once owned by a wealthy onion farmer, the estate home was left packed-full with forgotten items. Unique knick knacks, gift items and old-school swag. Unboxed, untouched and well, quite interesting.

You know what they say about one man’s trash. Jon found an online market for the unclaimed, and thus began his ecommerce business. Right from the basement.

The rest is sweet tea and auction sales.

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John Doe

He moved south, where auctions were as common as accents and apple pie. It was here, in the excitement of “going once, going twice”—he discovered the whole category of OS&D sales. And spent years immersed in it.

Upon moving back to the midwest, the OS&D auction circuit was…well, nonexistent. Jon got curious. He made some calls and uncovered the problem: many trucking companies were wastefully disposing of their OS&D. And he realized he could offer a unique solution.

And so, here we are.

From an onion king’s curious closet to a 10,000 sq ft warehouse ready to welcome all the OS&D that comes our way. eSource Asset Recovery understands the trials and tribulations of a small freight business. Because we are one.

Our background can help your business.

Now you know us. We’d like to get to know you.