Simple, scalable solutions to your OS&D needs.

Larger trucking companies can more easily recover OS&D losses with money and manpower. For smaller and mid-sized companies, OS&D can be a bigger hassle. An expensive, time consuming hassle, that no one is ever prepared for.

eSource has the fix. In fact, we have a few.

We’re experts in finding value in, well, pretty much whatever’s in your truck.

We know what sells and how best to bid it in both the online market and the secondary market. And we’re built to handle your OS&D in whatever way works best for your situation.

Already have a truckload for us?

Let’s get started.

You have options. In a nutshell, this is how it works.

Option 1

Cream of the Crop
We find your best product that holds the highest value. And we give you top dollar for it.  Top dollar is our wheelhouse. By cutting out the middleman distributor, we can offer you a much nicer deal for your nicer stuff.

Option 2

Good, Bad and the Ugly
We take the good, the bad and the ugly, for one fair price. One simple transaction and it’s entirely off your hands.

Option 3

Consignment Solutions
We sell your products for you. Our liquidators and online auctions put your OS&D in front of 1000’s of buyers, ensuring you get a great value.

Contact Us

After settling the OS&D claim for your customers, give us a call.

Send Info

You send us photos along with an inventory sheet. (Or, if available and safe, we’ll come see you in person).

The Offer

We get back to you with an offer. (Usually within 24 business hours).

The Deal

We make a deal that works for everyone. Payment is arranged. And then our team sets up shipping, so you don’t have to.

Every deal is sealed with the eSource partnership promise.

Complete Confidentiality

We understand the biz. You can be sure of our discretion.

Sales Integrity

We’re here to make quick solutions. Never a quick buck.

Reliable Service

When you call, we answer. You need us, we’re there.